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28 MAY 2024 | Beijing, China

Marina Fedorova’s works from the Cosmodreams project at JINGART

2024 JINGART Beijing brought together 30 exhibitors from around the world, Sputnik Partners introducing artist Marina Fedorova among them

Presented by Sputnik Partners, Marina Fedorova’s Cosmodreams series captivated visitors by exploring the origins of life’s creation. The theme “Birth” united six showcased artworks, inviting viewers to a sacred birthplace of the soul, serving as a unique institution and a repository of social and historical memory.

Five graphic works from the “Birth Series” (2024) emphasized the structure and tactility of paper, reminiscent of natural perfection. These works narrated the close relationship between the natural environment and the birth of the soul, illustrating the processes occurring across space, sky, and earth. The centerpiece, the sculpture “Birth”, symbolized life’s inception and nature’s power,  the convergence of energy into tangible form, highlighting nature’s boundless power and the promise of a radiant future.

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“It’s about the fragility of mother nature, and I want to convey the message that we must protect our planet. It is very important that we take care of nature and stop destroying it, and with all my artworks, such as sculptures and watercolors on paper, I emphasize that life is fragile, and that we should protect it.” — Marina Fedorova.

Complementing the physical artworks, attendees experienced an immersive 360° VR journey through “Space Art Odyssey” and digital stories designed for augmented reality. Visitors used the specially developed Cosmodreams AR Mini Program on WeChat to scan each painting, revealing hidden AR scenarios and adding a dynamic layer to the exhibition.

The fifth edition of JINGART partnered with SKP-S to create a highly creative, futuristic, and immersive commercial space. A total of 30 exhibitors from domestic and abroad presented paintings, sculptures, photography, art jewelry and other diverse mediums of work at JINGART. With its wide range of categories and innovative location, this integrated art fair attracted numerous art collectors, professionals and art lovers.

The Cosmodreams exhibition, curated by Sputnik Partners, was included in the main galleries section of 2024 JINGART and featured in the official art fair catalogue.