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21.MARCH.2024 | DUBAI, UAE

Marina Fedorova — Guest Author for HIA Magazine

With her guest column, Marina brings a fresh perspective to the magazine’s readers, touching on the intersection of art, fashion, and womanhood.

From the beginning of 2024, Marina Fedorova, the visionary force of the Cosmodreams project, has been invited to write an author’s column for HIA, an Arabic monthly women’s magazine for affluent women and businesswomen in the Arab world.

In the January issue, Marina delved into the evolving landscape of global trends in art and fashion. She emphasized the importance of cultural roots, traditions, and folklore in shaping contemporary artistic expressions. Marina’s insights into the fusion of virtual reality and augmented reality with traditional artistic mediums offer readers a fresh understanding of modern creativity.

Continuing her exploration of womanhood and empowerment, Marina’s March column delved into the essence of femininity. Through her art, Marina celebrates the strength, resilience, and beauty inherent in being a woman. In the Cosmodreams project, she portrays women as brave and elegant cosmic adventurers, defying societal constraints with boundless freedom.

Marina’s contributions to HIA Magazine reflect her commitment to celebrating the achievements and aspirations of women around the world. Her articles provide valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of contemporary art and fashion, enriching the publication with her creative vision and intellectual depth.

As we look forward to Marina’s upcoming material in the next issues, we acknowledge her dedication to providing HIA Magazine’s readers with thought-provoking content.