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Navigating 2024 trends

For HIA Magazine, Marina Fedorova presents an exclusive feature on how art, fashion, and emerging technological trends will shape creative expression in the coming year.

As a creative person with a background in Fashion Design and Illustration, my artistic journey has always been accompanied by an immersion in global trends at the intersection of fashion, design, new technologies and classical art. Having dedicated my life to creative endeavors, I want to bring a unique perspective to the ever-evolving realms of art and fashion.

Continuing the direction set in 2023, in 2024 we’ll witness a return to cultural roots, traditions and folklore, a  deeper journey into fantastical realms echoing timeless tales. It’s more than an escape into fantasy; it’s a profound search and dive into a new space where dreams and reality intertwine seamlessly. The collective yearning for cultural connection beats within my heart, and I channel this tendency, bringing new chapters, and expanding the Cosmodreams universe.

Virtuality and augmented reality, once perceived as mere escapism, now serve as tools to deepen connection with the world. Technology seamlessly merges with our lives through innovations like the Meta Ray-Ban glasses, reshaping how the world is navigated. At the same time, they allow you to stay more in reality, removing the restrictive screens of smartphones.

The fusion of fashion and art has become a captivating trend, giving rise to projects that defy traditional boundaries. It’s a new playground where boundaries blur, resulting in a complex narrative that amplifies individual perspectives. Projects become deeper, and more multifaceted, and in the collision of different worlds, inspiration and new meanings are born. This convergence is not about losing voices; instead, it’s an opportunity to craft something profoundly layered. Multidisciplinarity is coming to the fore; limiting oneself to one approach is no longer relevant.

New exhibitions act as windows into the spirit of the time, showcasing a unique palette of influences and inspirations. Iris van Herpen’s cosmic fashion exploration, a visual spectacle in itself, delves into the celestial realms of couture. The interplay of light, modern materials, and avant-garde design creates a mesmerizing showcase that transcends conventional aesthetics. Pradasphere II exhibition curated by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, showcased a comprehensive exploration of the fashion house’s evolution, a complex artistic vision. The exhibition exemplifies the multidisciplinary approach in fashion, where diverse elements converge to shape a rich narrative.

A significant for me event — the Ethereal Echoes duo exhibition, held in Riyadh at the end of 2023, our collaboration with Saudi fashion designer Yousef Akbar. This joint exhibition mixed paintings, sculptures, and couture dresses, enhanced with augmented and virtual reality, added a unique immersive dimension, an experience that transcended the boundaries between art and fashion. Ethereal Echoes became a testament to the evolving trends, where collaboration and innovation intertwine to shape the future of artistic expression.

Microtrends, like leaves and twigs, delicately adorn its branches, weaving through the core of an artistic vision. Amid this dynamic dance, certain elements stand as the enduring trunk, grounding the creative exploration within the changing seasons, years, and tendencies. As I steer the ship of Cosmodreams, I’m not merely capturing trends; I’m channeling them through my unique lens. What will this turn into? We’ll see in 2024.