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How NFT’s, VR and AI are Revolutionising the Industry | World of Fashion 2021

Contemporary artist Marina Fedorova attended the World of Fashion event in Dubai to discuss the future of style, sustainability, and art. The event was organized by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Mall of Emirates.

16 October 2021, during the World of Fashion event, held in Dubai, UAE, Marina Fedorova, a contemporary artist born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and digital artist Kristel Bechara took part in a digital art session organized by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Mall of Emirates. Hosted by Bazaar’s Deputy Editor Jessica Michault the session included Q&A on digital art, insights into the future of the industry, and beyond.

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Alongside Kristel Bechara Marina discussed her artistic creations and what drew her to the realm of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. Marina’s sketches were transformed into video art and displayed on a large screen at the venue, and guests could also undergo a virtual journey into the Space Art Odyssey.

“If people’s attention is captured by the screen of a phone, let’s observe the paintings through the screen of the phone and uncover the stories behind them. It is a sphere that fascinates me and I always wanted to create something original that attracts attention and gives a fresh look to traditional art forms”, said Marina Fedorova.