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Sputnik Partners to present Cosmodreams at JINGART 2024

Running from 23–26 May, JINGART Art Fair Beijing will feature a selection of Marina Fedorova’s works from the Cosmodreams series delving into the essence of life’s creation

Sputnik Partners is proud to announce its participation in the fifth edition of JINGART Art Fair Beijing from May 23 to 26 with a solo presentation of new and recent works from the Cosmodreams series by contemporary artist Marina Fedorova.

At Jingart 2024, Sputnik Partners is exhibiting six works under the topic Birth. The concept is inspired by Fedorova’s virtual project – Space Art Odyssey – unveiled in 2020. Her vision transcends terrestrial boundaries, envisioning a museum beyond Earth – a sanctuary where the vital elements nourishing life intertwine, shaping the essence of existence.

Five graphic paintings in the artist’s frames titled Birth Series (2024) emphasize the structure and tactility of paper, its original material, reminiscent of natural perfection. Works become the narrator telling about the close relationship between the natural environment and the birth of the soul, understanding of the physical world, and life as a whole.

As the core of the concept Fedorova suggests the birthplace of the human soul, where life’s essence is shaped by the breath of the soul itself. Through the depiction of natural manifestations – plants, grasses, trees, and their roots – Fedorova unveils the essence and origin of all things and mankind itself. In ancient times, nature could literally mean birth. Hence, each watercolor piece illustrates the natural and big process happening at once on all three vertical levels (space, sky, and earth).

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The display centers on the sculpture Birth (2023) – a poignant embodiment of life’s delicate yet profound emergence. Depicting a female figure at the threshold of creation, Birth symbolizes the convergence of energy into tangible form – a testament to nature’s boundless power and the promise of a radiant future.

Complementing this physical journey at JINGART 2024 will be an immersive 360° VR experience of Space Art Odyssey and Digital Stories created for Augmented Reality experience, which form an integral part of the Cosmodreams art project. The Cosmodreams project embodies Marina Fedorova’s long-term thinking on topics such as space exploration and the future, as well as her imagination and self-expression in response to current social issues and cultural contexts related to these themes, including environmental protection, women’s empowerment, and the younger generation.

Founded in 2018, JINGART Art Fair Beijing focuses on both classic and modern Western and Eastern art masterpieces. It brings together galleries, artists, and art institutions to offer collectors and art lovers different categories of art. JINGART’s concept is “based on the local and looking at the world”, in order to build an open platform of cutting-edge art exchange and to explore the connection between Beijing and the global art market.

JINGART Art Fair Beijing
May 23-26, 2024
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