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A Milestone for Sputnik Partners in Saudi Arabia

“Palm Tree Lady” becomes the first 3D-printed sculpture fully produced in Saudi Arabia, standing as a testament to the evolving landscape of contemporary art.

Sputnik Partners proudly introduces “Palm Tree Lady”, an impressive 3D-printed sculpture that marks a historic moment in contemporary art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Unveiled at the Ethereal Echoes duo exhibition of Marina Fedorova and Yousef Akbar, this masterpiece is not only a testament to technological innovation but a symbol of fertility, oasis, and the maternal power of love and care.

Marina Fedorova, the artist behind “Palm Tree Lady”, draws inspiration from the cultural richness of Al-Ahsa oasis of Saudi Arabia, showcasing a deep connection to the land and its people. The sculpture’s symbolism runs deep, with the elegant female figure draped in a flowing long dress, embodying the fluidity of water and the refreshing energy of an oasis. The artist pays homage to Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage by embracing the figure with intricately crafted palm leaves, symbolizing unity among the people. As a harmonious fusion of art and life, each palm leaf is meticulously crafted to reflect nature’s organic intricacies.

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A unique augmented reality (AR) scenario has been exclusively developed for “Palm Tree Lady,” elevating the viewer’s interaction with the sculpture. This innovative addition to the Cosmodreams project creates a dynamic and immersive experience, setting a new standard for the intersection of creativity and technological advancement.

Sputnik Partners extends heartfelt gratitude to all who experienced the historic unveiling of “Palm Tree Lady” at the Ethereal Echoes duo exhibition. As the exhibition concludes, the sculpture remains a lasting symbol of artistic innovation and a profound reflection of the evolving contemporary art landscape in Saudi Arabia.