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Michel Heurtault to bring umbrellas to their former glory

Parisian artisan Michel Heurtault renovates vintage parasols and umbrellas using cutting tools more than 200 years old to achieve the incomparable look of French haute couture.

Michel Heurtault, a French collector, maker, and restorer of umbrellas and parasols, and Ateliers SP are united by their passion for the preservation of cultural heritage and perfection.  Heurtault’s artistry lies in the minutiae — the solid steel of the ribs, the softness of linen, cotton, and silk, and the sensuality of the woods.

Each creation is a meticulous process, adhering to traditional cutting, doubling, connecting, embroidery, and finishing techniques, akin to crafting a haute couture dress. For Ateliers SP, Michel Heurtault is working on the production of two bespoke umbrella models from exotic wood. Heurtault’s workshop is a unique sanctuary where textiles and materials undergo metamorphosis into exquisite parasols and umbrellas. This realm of magic not only produces remarkable objects but also imparts Heurtault’s techniques to future generations. Some cutting tools, aged over 200 years, contribute to the unparalleled quality of French haute couture.

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Before the foundation of his umbrella brand Parasolerie Heurtault in 2008, Heurtault specialized in historical reconstructions and costumed balls for the elite. In his workshop, he crafted costumes for cinema and theatre, along with corsets for haute couture houses. His only focus is transforming umbrellas and parasols into complex, contemporary shapes, bringing a fine, couture level of work to even everyday accessories.

In 2013, the Ministry of Culture bestowed upon Heurtault the esteemed title of ‘Maître d’Art’ (Master of Art), France’s highest honor for an artisan, akin to Unesco’s National Living Treasures. Michel Heurtault’s artistry not only restores the glory of umbrellas but also establishes a benchmark for sustainable craftsmanship, ensuring a legacy that captivates generations to come. At Ateliers SP, this collaboration exemplifies a commitment to preserving and promoting exceptional craftsmanship in the modern era.