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Exploring Boundless Creativity at SIVA Workshop

Chinese art students and faculty dived into AR creativity, crafting with Marina Fedorova a digital story for Cosmodreams

In November 2023, the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA) held a workshop led by Marina Fedorova to explore new forms of artistic expression. With SIVA students and faculty participating in the workshop, the focus was primarily on augmented reality (AR) and how technology can be integrated into contemporary art.

Following the workshop, the participants submitted more than ten proposals for the script for a digital story based on the painting “Angel Trumpet” created by Fedorova. These proposals offered diverse perspectives and creative ideas. The artist reviewed these submissions, ultimately selecting and finalizing one script, emphasizing student contributions to the project’s development.

This collaboration and creative exploration culminated in the unveiling of Cosmodreams’ latest AR creation for the painting “Angel Trumpet”. As viewers immerse themselves in this experience, they are invited to contemplate the symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology. They are also invited to envision the possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of augmented reality.

The workshop served as a platform for collaborative exploration, as attendees were engaged in the co-creation of an immersive AR digital narrative.