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An exclusive Space Art Odyssey

An extended version of the Space Art Odyssey video, created by Marina Fedorova, was introduced at the GAGARIN NIGHT multimedia show in the St. Petersburg Planetarium.

12 April 2021, St. Petersburg Planetarium held a special event to commemorate 60 years since the first human flight into space. Marina Fedorova presented an extended version of Space Art Odyssey with the support of Sputnik Partners. An inspiring video art piece, it was part of the GAGARIN NIGHT multimedia show, a tribute to the international celebration of Yuri’s Night.

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Viewers were able to experience a virtual journey through unknown territories of the Universe through the Space Art Odyssey. It followed the adventures of a space traveler who unexpectedly came across the remains of a human civilization that once brought art and culture to the Moon. As the protagonist explores this fascinating universe, he gains insights into the values and worldview of humanity that may have migrated to distant galaxies or vanished altogether.

For this special occasion, Marina Fedorova’s original 6-minute video has been extended to a 19-minute version. A multimedia show, GAGARIN NIGHT, immersed guests in the traveler’s story, the extraterrestrial art institution, an imaginary tale of planet Earth, and more.