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Sputnik Partners showcase at Dubai Design Week

During Dubai Design Week, Sputnik Partners presented artworks created by Marina Fedorova, including paintings, sculptures, objects, leather, and paper products. The exhibition showcased the harmonious blend of traditional art and modern design while highlighting Marina Fedorova’s commitment to celebrating diverse artistic expressions.

8-13 November 2022, at Dubai Design Week Sputnik Partners presented the engaging artworks by Marina Fedorova, a multi-talented international artist based in Munich. A variety of works explored the intersection between traditional art and modern design, including paintings, sculptures, objects, leather, and paper products.

While remaining true to her signature approach to painting and creativity in her artistic vision, Marina Fedorova has always kept up with the times. While her expertise in traditional painting techniques is well known, she is also enthusiastic about experimenting with new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive installations, exemplified in the Cosmodreams art experience.

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“My early observations of people’s daily lives and urban life led me to create a series of artworks related to these themes. Eventually, my imagination of the future of human life developed, and I began to explore the relationship between characters and their surroundings, which led me to develop the Cosmodreams series around the theme of future life in Space and on Earth,”  Marina Fedorova.

Marina Fedorova shares Sputnik Partner’s philosophy of celebrating diversity through art and art-related activities. She endorses the idea of supporting authentic and high-level craftsmanship to deliver one-of-a-kind design products. During the DXBDW visitors could discover bespoke design objects created in collaboration with Artisans d’Art from France.