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Audrey Legeay Joins Ateliers SP

Artisan Audrey Legeay, specializing in the conservation and restoration of leather and metal objects, has recently joined the Ateliers SP team
Audrey Legeay with leather restorer Elise Blouet

Ateliers SP welcomes Audrey Legeay, a seasoned artisan whose expertise in the conservation and restoration of metal and leather objects adds significant depth to the team.

Audrey’s journey into this specialized field is marked by dedication, mentorship, and a steadfast commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Audrey’s transition into conservation and restoration stemmed from her encounter with a renowned artisan Elise Blouet. Initially assisting with tasks such as restoring Vuitton trunks and cleaning metals, Audrey’s passion grew as she dedicated her spare time to learning about leather, artifacts, and chemical compositions. Motivated by her newfound passion, Audrey decided to leave public administration and spent three years apprenticing under Elise. Alongside practical experience, Audrey supplemented her training with Chemical MOOCs and extensive reading. This comprehensive approach equipped Audrey with the skills to excel in her field.

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Throughout her career, Audrey has collaborated on prestigious projects and gained valuable insights from her experiences, including the study of Russian Leather and working on Victor Hugo’s personal objects at Hauteville House. Her meticulous approach to conservation and restoration, combined with a commitment to balancing traditional techniques with modern innovations, ensures the highest standard of workmanship.

Audrey’s approach to conservation and restoration is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the historical integrity of each object. Whether working with museum collections or private collectors, Audrey’s methodology is guided by conservation ethics, ensuring that her interventions are both effective and respectful of the object’s history.

As part of her current role at Ateliers SP, Audrey is focusing on the research and development of printing and embossing of leather and various types of skins, as well as supporting the projects of cabinet maker Frédéric Hamel that involve wood, nacre, and other materials. Her expertise will contribute to our mission of preserving cultural heritage through meticulous craftsmanship. We are confident that her professionalism and dedication will elevate our commitment to excellence in artisanal practices.