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An unforgettable experience at ART021 and SIVA in Shanghai

As part of her China trip, Marina Fedorova presented Cosmodreams at ART021 for the second time and gave a workshop on integrating digital tools into traditional art at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

Cosmodreams art project emerged as a highlight of the ART021, drawing widespread attention from both mainstream and specialized media. Renowned editions such as Sina, Sohu, Netease, Globe, Phoenix, Tencent News, and various professional art media, including Artron Art, ArtAlpha, Artisle Art Island, and Everyart, reported on the innovative fusion of traditional art and digital technology presented in Cosmodreams.

The exhibition featured seven works created in the past three years, supported by digital multimedia art at multiple levels: ‘Peony’, ‘Moon Crocuses’, ‘Moon Pandas’, ‘Violet Mountains’, ‘In the Mountains’, and ‘Ditch’. Together these works demonstrated the powerful energy and vitality of nature; the sculpture ‘Birth’ echoed the paintings as a microcosm of nature itself.

Marina Fedorova shared her artistic concepts, the stories behind the paintings and the hidden AR scenes with the audience, who picked up their phones, scanned each painting with the specially developed Cosmodreams WeChat mini program, and watched the unique AR stories. The exhibition was also equipped with VR experience. Using digital tools as a medium, the artist goes beyond the flat paintings to continue the story inside the paintings.

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During the ART021 Forum on November 12, Marina actively participated in a discussion focused on “How Technology is Reshaping Art and Changing Our Relationship with Nature.” In a dialogue with esteemed guests, including Fei Jun, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Art and Technology at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shao Qi, Associate Professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Xu Yibo, Head of the Department of Experimental Art-Technology Art at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Marina shared her artistic journey and highlighted the core themes of her works: “Nature,” “Future,” and “Humanity.” Advocating for environmental awareness, she emphasized the symbiotic relationship between technology and art.

As part of her visit to China, Marina Fedorova conducted an inspiring art workshop at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). Collaborating with the Department of New Media Arts at SIVA, the artist shared her artistic philosophy, creative process, and techniques, placing a particular emphasis on the integration of digital technology in contemporary art. In order to make the teaching more visual, Marina painted directly on the spot, explaining in detail the process from conceptualization, material collection to sketching, and all the way to the completion of the final work. The workshop provided a visual journey, with Marina demonstrating her artistic process and exploring the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, allowing students and professors to actively participate in the design of an AR digital story.

Marina Fedorova’s Cosmodreams art project not only leaves a lasting impression on the Shanghai art scene but also serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when art and technology seamlessly converge.