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Art Event Hosted by Cosmodreams Team and Marina Fedorova

As part of a special event in Dubai with an influential media community, Marina Fedorova showcased her latest artistic endeavors.

On March 5th, the Cosmodreams team and artist Marina Fedorova hosted an art luncheon and art dinner with prominent influencers and media personalities in Dubai, UAE. It was an opportunity for cultural exchange and appreciation of the arts.

Representatives from Hia Magazine, Canvas Magazine, Emirates Woman, Gulf Business, Aviamost, Art Net, Russian Emirates, and The Kurator Magazine were among the distinguished attendees.

In the course of the event, Marina Fedorova presented her latest masterpiece, the Umayyad Mosque. This artwork stands as a testament to the fusion of imagination and reality. By merging her visionary world with the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East, Fedorova offers a profound artistic exploration. Enhanced with an augmented reality (AR) scenario this artwork offers a new level of immersive experience to the audience.

The event served as a platform for dialogue, reflection, and appreciation, fostering connections between diverse cultures and artistic expressions. It showcased the power of art to transcend boundaries and create meaningful connections in a globalized world.